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Köberlein and Seigert through their agent, AC Automation, provide a complete step feeder service, from the installation of complete systems to providing individual machines, each capable of feeding parts of different shapes and sizes.

The step feeder is designed for the feeding and orientation of components from a random bulk source. The M/c comes complete with integral storage, feed track and control ensuring an accurate interface of the relative modules and ease of installation.

Movement of the parts from the random storage area is by reciprocating plates picking up and feeding parts on the leading edge of one plate and transferring to the leading edge of the next etc. until the desired discharge height is reached for presentation to the orientation tooling.

The plates are driven by a motor through a gearbox reduction to the desired reciprocating speed and come in different widths and depths to suit the component being handled and feed rate requirement.

The smooth reciprocating action of the stepper plates ensures a positive, quiet and gentle movement of the components. Wear is negligible in the absence of a constant churning and tumbling action.

The step feeder is not weight sensitive, whether full or near empty feed rates remain constant.

The orientation tooling is manufactured in-line allowing easy replacement inter-changeability or adjustment as necessary and is mounted on either a pneumatic or electro-magnetic linear driver.

Surplus parts from the orientation tooling are either re-circulated through the tooling if particularly sensitive or returned to the storage facility.

Sensors control the level within the orientation track, re-cycling facility, operation of the stepper plates and storage conveyor if fitted.

The step feeder is normally supplied complete with PLC but can be supplied without control with all sensors etc. terminated to interface blocks if the customer wishes to install the same and control it from an assembly line PLC for instance.

As a guide components from 1.5 mm cube up to 30 mm Ř x 500 mm long can be handled within the appropriate M/c of three sizes available.

From a single feed source single or multiple track distribution of components is available, either for direct pickup or via gravity or blow-feed technology, up to 20 - fold feeding has been supplied from a single feed source.

The Köberlein and Seigert step feeder has an excellent reputation for build quality and reliability and is well established throughout industry.

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